What We Do

Baby spiders roaming on leaves

Through its Integrated Pest Management Program, the County of Santa Clara, is committed to providing the following:

Coordination: Establish a mechanism that effectively coordinates system development in IPM, focused on departmental activities and setting priorities. Facilitate cooperation with universities as well as public and private sector partners at the local, state, and national level to meet County IPM ordinance objectives. 

Training & Implementation: Establish and conduct a process for identifying the IPM implementation needs of user departments. Provide the support and resources necessary to design and conduct educational programs for interdisciplinary training on IPM - a coordinated program of research, technology development, and information delivery to meet IPM implementation and pesticide-use reduction needs. Support demonstration research in pest control management in non-production agriculture, landscapes and structures.

Ladybugs crawling up branches

Evaluation and Accountability: Develop methods and conduct programs to accurately measure progress toward goals and assess the economic, environmental, public health, and social impacts of IPM implementation.

Communication: Through the internet, direct communication, print, and media, increase the visibility and acceptance of IPM. Communicate program objectives, progress, impacts, and benefits of IPM to the public and policy-makers.

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