About IPM

An ant on wood

The most important tools in addressing sustainability and environmental quality are integrated eco-system

management solutions. Many problems await sustainable solutions, and once found, these solutions need to be demonstrated, evaluated, and if effective, adopted. This includes implementation of integrated pest management (IPM) strategies.​

To local government agencies, whose job it is to make public places safe, enjoyable and pest-free, IPM is an invaluable tool.

"We must approach pest control as an integral component of our environment, our health, and our food safety. We must strive to assure our work meets defined standards, pursue quality improvement, and challenge excellence through continuous training and awareness in all aspects of integrated pest management." - Naresh Duggal.

A ladybug feeds on aphids

Everyone must do their part - government, industry, public interest groups, and individuals - at home, at school, while working, while playing. It is time to re-examine methods, make better choices, and adjust how we deal with pests to give more consideration to the environment. Finding and implementing new solutions is important, not only for our children and ourselves, but also for future generations and for the other living things sharing the EARTH with us. 

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